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Eyemate offers high quality products, deliver on time with the reasonable price.
And always responds customer's needs , many customers select Eyemate as OEM.

Our long history

選ばれる理由 80年の歴史

Started with stationery pencil in 1938.
We have been supplying cosmetic products more than 70 years with good relationship with customers.
And will continue offer high quality products to satisfy you.

Flexible proposal

Needs in make-up are various , such as function , shade texture and so on.
To meet to your requirement , we would make the best proposal.

選ばれる理由 フレキシブルな提案力

Long life products

選ばれる理由 ロングセラー品質の実績

As OEM , we are very proud of our customer's long life products which are loved by consumers.
And we will continue to contribute our customers with high quality products.

-Example -

・Eyebrows of the brands everyone knows
・Eyeliners of the popular brands in young generation
・Lip liners used by various age women for long time

We have been creating the make-up history with our clients

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